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Mastery in Maths


The essential idea behind mastery in maths is that all children need a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learningMastery of maths is not a fixed state but a continuum. At each stage of learning, pupils should acquire and demonstrate sufficient grasp of the mathematics relevant to their year group, so that their learning is sustainable over time and can be built upon in subsequent years. A mastery approach is a set of principles and beliefs that all pupils are capable of understanding and doing mathematics, given sufficient time.  We believe that with good teaching, appropriate resources, effort and a growth mindset which gives pupils a 'can do' attitude all children can achieve in and enjoy mathematics.


At Fir Tree the class will be working together on the same area of maths, whilst at the same time addressing the need for all pupils to master the curriculum and for some to gain greater depth of proficiency and understanding. Challenge is provided by going deeper rather than accelerating into new mathematical content.  Teaching is focussed, rigorous and thorough, to ensure that learning is sufficiently embedded and sustainable over time.  Lessons are planned to provide a conceptual journey through the mathematics, engaging pupils in reasoning and the development of mathematical thinking.

Maths morning at Wallingford School

Maths morning at Wallingford School 1
Maths morning at Wallingford School 2
Maths morning at Wallingford School 3
Maths morning at Wallingford School 4
Maths morning at Wallingford School 5
A group of year 6 children spent the morning at Wallingford School on Tuesday for a maths lesson. They had a tour of the school and then experienced a maths lesson with Mr Saviours. They all enjoyed the experience saying it was a good opportunity to see how maths is taught in Secondary School. 
Maths across the curriculum

This week we had a great morning of maths! Children had a chance to experience doing Maths across the curriculum - within Art, Geography, Computing, PE, English, Music, Cooking and Science. 

The children were able to use their mathematical skills in different context thus making  them realise how important maths is!  The comments below from the children highlight their positive thoughts about the cross curricular morning: 


I really enjoyed the measurements we had to do in PE.  Sam E

I enjoyed using my maths to find the ratio of decorations on biscuits. Evelyn 

I liked making maths games on Scratch. Sam P

Maths is really fun. I liked racing cars down a slope and measuring how far they went in a science experiment. Shruti

It was a brilliant experience for us to realise how useful maths is.  Ben 

I enjoyed using measures to create a piece of art work. Chris






Welcome to our Maths Curriculum page.


This has been designed to be a space with a bank of resources to support the learning of Maths at home.


As requested from our Curriculum Evening in November, here are a selection of resources you may find useful.


Please see Mrs Jackson (Siilver Birch Class) if you have any further questions or would like any additional resources.


Below is the information shared during the Curriculum evening: main changes in the maths curriculum and some different ways of practising the times tables.

Mathematical terms and definitions


The link below takes you to an excellent mathematical glossary where children can look up different vocabulary, whilst having a go at activities to reinforce understanding:

Maths Mats - useful mathematical facts to learn

Changes to the Curriculum